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When we decided…..that we have to buy a phone or need a phone. mostly of us expect we get all best features at cheap prices. whenever you are looking for features depends upon one person to another its may be ….. battery life….. display……..etc, there’s android phone for you.

 why someone go for android phones !!

because of high demand and competition, companies providing great features at affordable price. so you would be able to get a good phone according to your price range and choices are many not one or two. that allows you to be very choosy . what you want, whats your need, price range, according to that you can select best for you. now don’t be puzzled that  which one should i buy . mostly its happens when we have lot of choices mind get puzzled. but no need to worry, there are many websites you can look and compare with other phones. so first concentrate on your why……why you want phone or what you want in your phone. don’t ask from others because all have different choices , you have yours. lets take a example you want smartphone with good camera but you ask from your friend who like to play games, then he should advice to take a phone which have high ram and battery life .but your preferences are anything else. hmmmmm now you get me , what i want to say!!

smart and useful ………                                                                                 Related image

With google’s intelligence built in, android brings you useful insights and assistance to help you do the things you love.

More apps than IOS …..

In android there are many apps. so you can get any app you need like google play music, Instagram, messenger, YouTube, uber, candy crush soda saga, snapchat and many more.              

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if you like games, have more fun with the games you love, browse games on google play.

no matters what you are looking for, google play has it all. Get the latest music, movies, TV, news, books and magazines, and explore it all in new ways.

always updated………

they always try to improve their service and give their customers very good experiences. time to time OS update gives you better experiences.

android security…….  

android phones are very safe. there all apps undergo rigorous security testing before appearing in the google play store. they suspend those apps who violate their policies. So even before you install an app, you know that they have checked that it’s safe. even after you have installed an app, built in software regularly scans your device to ensure that the app is behaving.

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when you shop at a merchant, Android play does not send your actual credit and debit card number with payment. Instead they use a virtual account number to represent  your account information – so your card details stay safe. they are partner with hundreds of manufactures, which allows for all kinds of android device specialisation, but all meeting their high security requirements.So you get to choose your device with confidence from thousands of options.